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Senna Leaves Powder

120 1,260 
Scientific Name: Cassia Angustifolia Description: If you want a herb that is good for your health and effective for your skin

Shikakai Powder

150 1,500 
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Shikakai Powder is also known as Lavandula Stoechas DESCRIPTION: Shikakai powder is made from a plant named Acacia

Singhara Powder

200 2,060 
“Singhara Powder”  Singhara Khushk, also known as water chestnut, is a vegetable primarily found in China and extensively utilized in

Spearmint Powder (Pahari Podina)

140 740 
Scientific Name: Mentha Sylvestris Description: Spearmint is also called Podena Kohi. It is being used from many years. Benefits: It helps

Spinach Powder

Have you ever struggled to maintain a balanced and healthy diet? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us encounter

Sumac Powder

160 840 
Sumac Powder It is a flowering plant and is mostly found in moderate areas all over the world, especially in

Triphala Powder تریفلا پاؤڈر

480 2,420 
Organic Triphala Powder The word triphala, in a real sense, signifies “three natural products” in Sanskrit. The three natural products

Turmeric Powder

130 580 
Organic Turmeric Powder Scientific Name: Curcuma longa Description: Although organic turmeric powder is widely used in different Asian dishes for its

Ubtan + Husn E Yusuf Powder

500 2,360 
UBTAN + HUSN E YUSUF  The mixture of Ubtan and Husn E Yusuf is used as the best skin cleanser.

Velvet Bean Powder

250 2,560 
Velvet beans  SCIENTIFIC NAME: Mucuna Pruriens DESCRIPTION: Velvet beans contains flowers that are purplish in color. There are many health benefits