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Gond Katira Powder

360 3,660 
Gond katira powder is a natural substance derived from the sap of the tragacanth tree, scientifically known as Astragalus gummifer.

Green Papaya Powder

Throughout history, papaya, known as the pawpaw (Carica papaya), has played a vital role in natural healing practices and has

Gul Anaar Powder

350 1,460 
Gul Anaar Powder is an efficient natural herbal remedy that is used for various purposes, including skin care and hair growth.

Harar Powder ہرار پاؤڈر

160 860 
DESCRIPTION: Harar powder is one of the most effective herbs and is called the king of medicines. It presents outstanding

Hibiscus Powder (Gul Gurhal)

400 4,040 
Gul Gurhal is a healthy herb that is used in many herbal remedies. It is now available at Pansari Online.

Husn E Yusuf Powder

250 2,560 
Husn-E-Yusuf Powder is thought to be the most popular and effective herb for a fair complexion and shiny skin. Husn-e-Yusuf

Imlii Powder

Tamarind, also known as Imlii, thrives in various tropical regions across the globe. This tropical tree bears pods containing a

Indigo Powder

400 4,020 
Indigo powder is a natural herbal product that is made from the plant Indigofera tinctoria.  Its color is dark green,

Ispaghol Husk

550 1,140 
Ispaghol Husk Plantago psyllium is the scientific name for ispaghol husk. DESCRIPTION: The seeds of Plantago ovata, mainly cultivated in

Kalonji Powder

150 1,560 
Description: Kalonji contains so many natural and healthy benefits that are used to cure different diseases. Kalonji seeds contain treatments

Kaolin Clay

800 2,020 
Kaolin clay, also commonly known as white clay, is found in many regions, such as China, America, and Europe. Kaolinite

Khoobani Powder

Apricots, also known as Khubani, offer a range of valuable uses: Enhancement of Metabolism: Apricots contribute to improving the body’s