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Benefits:     Useful in leucorrhoea, general weakness, fatigue, and calcium deficiency. Suggested Use: 2 tablets three times a day with


Akseer-e-Athra | اکسیر اتھراہ Akseer-e-Athra is a time-tested prescription for the disease “Ath’ra,” which removes the poisonous properties during the


Akseer-e-Khatoon Syrup| اکسیر خاتون Akseer-e-Khatoon Syrup is a uterotonic which cures uteritis, uterine ulcer, utralgia and leucorrhea. امراض رحم کی


Akseer-e-Niswan Akseer-e-Niswan is a very efficacious medicine used in the treatment of female disorders such as irregular menstrual cycles and


Arusa is a complete nourishment for facial skin and is used for pimples, acne, and blackheads. The herbal ingredients stimulate


Dawa-e-Khatoon | دوائے خاتون For menoxenia and its complications, i.e., pain, fatigue, leucorrhoea, uterus’ weakness and uteritis. رحم کی کمزوری


Habb-e-Marwaridi | حب مرواریدی For leucorrhoea and backalgia, uterine weakness & general debility as a result thereof. سیلان الرحم( لیکوریا)

Habb-e-Mudirr Zafrani

Habb-e-Mudirr Zafrani | حب مدر زعفرانی For oligomenorrhea & amenorrhea and menorrhalgia caused by it. حیض کی کمی ،بندش اور

Habbe Hamal

Habbe Hamal Hamdard Indication: Habbe Hamal is effective against sterility and causes conception. It is also useful in the abortion

Habbe Mudir

Habbe Mudir normalizes the menstrual flow. It is beneficial for amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea. It also regularises the evacuation of decomposed

Hamdard Ghutti

Hamdard Ghutti acts as an effective remedy to clear the bowels of the newborn and relieves constipation in children. Hamdard

Hamdard Icterene Tablets

Liver plays an important role in many body functions. Its main functions are to metabolize most of the nutrients which

Women’s Wellbeing Items

Discover a world of well-being and vitality at your fingertips with our carefully curated selection of women’s health products. We comprehend that a lady’s wellbeing is of the utmost extreme significance, and our central goal is to engage you with the instruments and items you want to carry on with your best life.

When it comes to women’s health, items intended to address different parts of their prosperity, from actual health to mental and profound equilibrium, Whether you’re searching for normal cures, enhancements, or individual considerations, we take care of you. Here is a brief look at what you’ll track down on our site:

 **Nutritional Supplements:**

Improve your essentialness with our great many nutrients, minerals, and enhancements explicitly customized to ladies’ one-of-a kind wellbeing needs. From pre-birth nutrients to menopausal help, we take care of you at each life stage.

Personal Care Products:

Find a choice of individual considerations that take special care of your cleanliness, excellence, and taking care of your own necessities. Our item range incorporates natural skincare and female cleanliness items; from there, the sky is the limit, all intended to assist you with feeling your best.

Fitness and Wellbeing Equipment:

Enable your wellness process with our choice of gym equipment, wellness trackers, and yoga adornments. Accomplish your wellbeing and wellness objectives with style and accommodation.

Mental and close-to-home Well-being:

In addition to physical health,we understand that women’s well-being also includes mental and spiritual aspects. Investigate items that advance unwinding, stress help, and close-to-home equilibrium, for example, fragrance-based treatments and care instruments; from there, the sky is the limit.

 **Natural Remedies:**

Embrace the force of nature with our assortment of herbal cures and elective wellbeing arrangements. From medicinal balms to herbal teas, we offer regular choices to help your wellbeing.

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