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Akseer Zulf

“Akseer Zulf”  DESCRIPTION:  Akseer e Zulf Is an efficient herbal oil which is used to make hair stronger and dandruff

Aloe Vera Oil

Aloe Vera Oil DESCRIPTION: Aloe Vera is being used form many centuries. It is best medicated herb that exhibits perfect

Arugula Oil (Roghan Tara Meera)

Arugula oil is 100% pure cold pressed oil that have multiple health benefits and contains Vitamin A, E, B1, B4,

Avocado Oil

Scientific name: The scientific name of Avocado oil is Persia Americana and Persea gratissima Description: Avocado Oil is an efficient herbal oil which is used to

Black Seed Infused Hair Oil

“BLACK SEEDS INFUSED OIL” SCIENTIFIC NAME: Black Cumin the scientific name is nigella sativa DESCRIPTION: Black Seed Infused Hair Oil is full

Centella Oil

Centella / Brahmi Booti oil (برہمی بوٹی کا تیل) taken from a small, long-lasting herbaceous plant from the wetlands of

Cinnamon Beard Oil

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cinnamomum verum DESCRIPTION: Cinnamon Beard Oil makes your hair smooth and shiny. It’s fragrance is sweet and give relaxing

Coconut & Curry Leaves Infused Oil

“Coconut & Curry Leaves Infused Oil” Scientific name:  The scientific name is Murraya koenigii Description: If you have a desire of healthy,

Colocynth Oil

COLOCYNTH OIL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Citrullus colocynth’s is the scientific name of colocynth. DESCRIPTION: Colocynth is an efficient herb which is used to

Coriander Oil

Coriander oil SCIENTIFIC NAME: Coriandrum sativum is the botanical name of the coriander oil DESCRIPTION: Coriander is very famous and widely

Fall Face Foliage Beard Oil

“FALL FACE FOLIAGE BEARD OIL” DESCRIPTION: Fall Face Foliage Beard Oil keep soft and moist to the hair of beard.

Fennel Oil

FENNEL SEEDS SCIENTIFIC NAME: Foeniculum vulgar is the scientific name of the fennel seeds DESCRIPTION: Fennel Seeds is commonly known as soonf that is

Herbal Oil is a blend of Ayurvedic herbs that strengthens, moisturizes, and conditions scalp and hair strands. The first thing which is noticed about herbal oils is their aroma. There are different neurological chemicals that are provoked by smell and cause mood changes. Pansarionline provides you with herbal oil in Pakistan which has an effective smell. We all like natural oils. And use them on our body, on our hairs, etc. Oils are amazing and I usually use herbal oils because I think they have many healing properties which can benefit my skin and hair.

Lavender and Olive oil:

Herbal products are not so expensive. Anyone has olive oil in his kitchen. We can get olive oil from natural olives. Add olive oil to your skincare routine: While taking bath add ¼ cup of lavender olive oil in water. This is a great moisturizing soak. Put some sugar and add one tablespoon of olive oil. Rub your hands together until the sugar dissolves completely. A wonderful scrub is ready for softening, dry hands.

Hair Growth Oil:

Who does not want to have healthy, shiny, and strong hair? Pansarionline provides you a chance to have your own beautiful and shiny hairs by applying Hair growth Oil to your scalp. Healthy hairs always give a young look to everyone. However, washing your hair daily removes oil from your hair scalp. The absence of essential oils can cause many hair-related problems like dandruff, hair loss, and much more. Hair growth oil is only one solution to this problem. It is beneficial to those people who frequently use shampoo.

Aloe vera Oil:

A person who wants to have shiny black hair and doesn’t want to apply any hair color on his hair. Pansarionline provides him with pure hair oil to vanish his anxiety. Skin rash is one of the major problems that appear on hot summer days. Aloe vera can be very effective in this way.

Lemon Oil:

      Lemon oil is obtained from common lemon fruit. It can be used to fight fevers caused by infection, stomach disorders and etc. This oil is very effective for weight loss. The fragrance of this oil reduce depression and increase memory power. To remove stains from the ground apply some drops of lemon oil. We can also use lemon oil in our daily recipes.

Lavender Oil:

                      Lavender oil is used in different shampoos, perfumes, gels, etc. Pansarionline provides you with the best quality lavender oil to get the fresh soothing aroma of lavender. Add five drops of lavender oil into a cup of fabric softener and put them in your washing machine. When you take your clothes out it will give a flowery scent. You can also use it as a room freshener