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Afsanteen Roomi

Scientific Name: Artemisia Absinthium Description: Afsanteen Roomi is a beneficial herb that grow naturally on uncultivated land. It is used to

Ajwain Khurasani (Henbane)

Scientific Name: Hyoscyamus Niger Description: Henbane is also known as Ajwain Khurasani that is belong to nightshade family. The height of

Akarkara (Pellitory Roots)

Scientific Name: Pellitory Roots Description: Akarkara is a beneficial herb that is widely used for many health benefits such as vitality


SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Aluminum Potassium Sulfate COMMON NAME: Alum, Phitkari Safaid, Fitkari Safaid NAME IN URDU:  پھٹکری سفید DESCRIPTION: Alum that is generally known

Amba Haldi

Khus is also known as Vetiver. It is beneficial herb and used for many purposes. BENEFITS: It kills bacteria It

Amla Dry

SCIENTIFIC NAME Phyllanthus Emblica. OTHER NAMES Emblica Officinalis, Indian gooseberry, Amalaki (Sanskrit), amla (Hindi), etc. DESCRIPTION Amla is a very

Amla Sabaz (Indian gooseberry)

Amla Fresh, also known as Indian gooseberry, is a fruit that’s highly valued in Ayurvedic medicine for its health benefits.

Anjbar (Knotgrass)

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Polygonum Aviculare COMMON NAME: Bird Weed, Low Grass, Prostrate Knotweed DESCRIPTION: Knotgrass is also as Anjbar. It contains many health benefits.

Areca Nut

SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Areca Catechu COMMON NAME: Betel Nut, Paan, Paan Gutkha, Pinlang, Pinang, and Supari. NAME IN URDU: چھالیا  ,چکنی سپاری DESCRIPTION: Areca

Arjuna Bark

SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Terminalia Arjuna COMMON NAME: Arjuna Tree Bark, Arjun ki Chaal NAME IN URDU:  ارجن کی چھال DESCRIPTION: Arjuna Bark that is also

Asal Alsoos Saidah + Mulethi

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Glycyrrhiza Glabra DESCRIPTION: Liquorice is also known as Asal Alsoos Saidah, Malethi. It is found in Southwest Asia. Its

Asarah Rewand

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Rheum Emodi DESCRIPTION: Rhubarb si commonly known as Asarah Rewand. It is a herbaceous perennial plants that contains many

  Buy Herbs Online In Pakistan

Herbs have numerous advantages in our life. Thousands of years ago many people use them directly for their medication. But now many pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies use them in their medicines to cure many diseases. There is no meal in our life without herbs.

They have great importance in our life. It makes our food healthier and tastier. They are used to flavor food, but research shows that they are enriched with healthy compounds. Physicians use herbs to make medicines. It is best to take herb directly instead of taking them in pill form. Pansarionline provides you with pure herbs online in Pakistan. So use these effective herbal products to get good results. Adding pure herbs to your meal can prevent heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

Tips to use herbs in cooking:

  • Dried herbs are very strong than fresh herbs.
  • Keep your herbs safe in air-tight bags.
  • Herbs lost their flavor with time so replace them after 12 months.
  • Some herbs like parsley pick their flavor during cooking so add them at the start.


     Alum can be used for baking purposes. Professionals of medical and health care fields utilize it to deal with injuries or diseases. Alum also be used to stop bleeding from cuts. Animal surgeons also recommend to the owners of animals to apply the powdered form of alum on their cuts to stop bleeding or to avoid infection.

Ajwain khurasani:

                                It is used to treat toothache commonly in smokers. Pansarionline helps those people who are worried about their toothache. You can use it along with your toothpaste and you can directly apply it to your teeth. After applying rinse it out from lukewarm water.

Babool Gum:

                       It is used to treat plaque, avoid hair fall, and can cure diarrhea. Are you worried about dry skin in winter mostly? Pansarionline gives its solution in the form of babool. Because it moisturizes your skin. It can also be used in many other skin treatments. To get a refreshing bath put some leaves of babool in your bathwater. Babool is also used in many companies as an ingredient of cleanser.

Brown sugar:

                        Brown Sugar is made from the pure juice of sugarcane. It controls fatness because it has fewer calories. It also increases the working of the digestive system. It can also prevent people from asthma.

Bitter Ginger:

                        Bitter Ginger can fight against high fever. It is mostly used in many traditional medicines. Biter ginger is able to increase hunger.  So mothers don’t need to worry about their children. It also controls the growth of cancer in patients. It is very effective to fight against low blood pressure. Pansarionline provides you with a wide range of herbs that have numerous positive effects on your body.