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Scientific name Acacia concinna Other names Sheekay, Kochi, Sigeballi, Chinik-kaya, Sheekay, Shikakai etc. Description Shikakai is prepared by drying its

Singhara Khushk (Dried Water Chestnuts)

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Water chestnut, also known as Singhara Khushk, is a vegetable primarily found in China. It is cultivated in ponds, marshes,

Siqaqal Misri

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Scientific Name: Pastinaca Sativa Description: Parsnips are also called Siqaqal Mishri. It is very beneficial herb due to having good amount

Smearwort (Zaravand Mudharij)

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Scientific Name: Aristolochia Rotunda Description: Smearwort is also called Zaravand Mudharij. This is very beneficial herb. Benefits: It cure convulsions It

Soapstone (Sangjarahat Muslim)

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Scientific Name: Hydrated Magnesium Silicate Description: Soapstone is also known as Sangjarahat Muslim. It is made up of  Magnetite, Talc, Chlorite,

Spearmint (Pahari Podina)

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Scientific Name: Mentha Sylvestris Description: Spearmint is also called Podena Kohi. It is being used from many years. Benefits: It helps

Spleenwort (Chitrak)

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Scientific Name: Chitrak, also known as Asplenium Description: Spleenwort is also called Chitrak. It is used to cure many diseases, such


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Scientific Name: Tetraborate Decahydrate Description: Suhaga Baryan is also known as Natural Borax. It is one of the best natural cleaning

Sundh (Zanjbeel)

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Sundh is available at Pansarishop.pk. Sundh is very beneficial herb and used to make many herbal remedies.


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Scientific Name: Antimony Description: Kohl is called Surma. That is being used for eye from ancient time. It is sued to

Sweet Chirata (Chiraita Shireen)

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Scientific Name: Swertia Chiratta Description: Sweet Chirata is also known as Chiraita Shireen. It is a beneficial herb that founds everywhere.

Sweet Cyperus (Nagar Motha)

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Scientific Name: Papaver Somniferum Description: Sweet Cyperus is also known Nagar Motha. It is found in tropical and subtropical areas of