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Tabashir is beneficail herb that is used to cure many health issues and used t make different health remedies.

Taiz Pat (Cassia Cinnamon)

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Scientific Name: Cassia Cinnamon Description: Taiz Pat is used to spice up the flavor and aroma of daily cooked food but

Thikri Noshadar

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Scientific Name: Ammonium Chloride Description: Sal ammoniac is made up of ammonium and is the the most famous minerals. It came


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Scientific Name: Thymus Serpylum Description: Thyme is a beneficial herb that is used to cure many diseases. Benefits: It cure hypertension

Tree Turmeric (Rasoot)

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Scientific Name: Berberis Aristata Common Name:  Ophthalmic Barberry, Indian Barberry Description: Tree turmeric is also known as Rasoot. The fruit, stems,


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Scientific Name:  Lepidium Sativum Common Name: Garden Cress Seeds Description: Cress Seeds is also known as Tukhm-e-Hilyun is an edible herb that


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Scientific Name: Azadirachta Indica Description: Neem seeds are also known as Tukhm-e-Neem. It is a famous herb that is used to


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Scientific Name: Allium Cepa Description: Onion Seeds is commonly called Tukhm-e-Piyaz. These seeds are belongs to Mediterranean area and is are


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Scientific Name: Acacia Speciosa Description: The Lebbek tree is also known as Tukhm-e-Saras. It is used to make many medicines. It


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Scientific Name: Argemone Mexicana Linn Description: Mexican poppy is also called Tukhm-e-Satenasee. Initially this plant was found in Mexico but now


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Tukhm-e-Talmakhana is known as Hygrophila seed. This is widely used to make medicine and for the treatment of many diseases.

Tukhm-e-Tamar Hindi Khord

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Description: Tukhm-e-Tamar Hindi Khord is a beneficial herb that is used in cuisine. It contains bundle of health benefits as