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Adrari is a medicine used for various beneficial purposes. It has the ability to kill bacteria, parasites, and fungi. It

Aftimooni Syrup

Aftimooni Strengthens the heart and nerves. Relieves tension Composition Each 5ml of syrup contains the herbal decoctions of Cassia angustifolia

Aujaie Muscle Pain Tablet

Aujaie Muscle Pain Tablet in Pakistan Relieves pain instantly and reduces inflammation COMPOSITION EACH GM CONTAINS Oil of wintergreen 0.130

Buy Hamdard Kushta Marwareed

Kushta Marwareed is beneficial for general debility, pulmonary diseases, phlegmatic cough, leucorrhoea, spermaturia, excessive nocturnal emissions & calcium deficiency. عورتوں

Buy Hamdard Naushdaroo Lului

Naushdaroo Luluiis used to treat various diseases as a herbal remedy that is manufactured by the Hamdard Laboratory. Buy it


Dawa-e-Dahan is a very useful herbal remedy that is manufactured by Hamdard Laboratory. Buy it online by pansarionline.pk Benefits: Its


Dawa-e-Kharish is an efficient herbal remedy that is helpful to treat the Kharish (rash) on the skin as well as


The best remedy for male organs in Pakistan is Dawa-e-Takore, which is produced by Hamdard Laboratory. Dawa-e-Takoor Benefits: It treats

Habb-e-Amber Momyaie

An ideal preparation for sexual debility and vital organs Composition Each tablet contains Cinnamomum cassia 17.50 mg Doronicum hookeri 10.00


Habb-e-Azraqi Syrup is a homeopathic polyherbal medicine and unani drug prepared by Hamdard Laboratory. It contains many beneficial plants. It


Habb-e-Jawahir is helpful in the revitalization of vital organs. Prepared from highly effective herbs and minerals Composition Each tablet contains


Habb-e-khas Hamdard is highly supportive of relieving male sexual debility and restoring masculine vigour Composition Each tablet contains Calx of

Hamdard Laboratories

Hamdard, a renowned name in the field of natural healthcare and wellness, offers a diverse range of products. Hamdard’s commitment to traditional Unani medicine, combined with modern scientific research, has resulted in a collection of high-quality products that cater to various health and wellness needs.

Explore a plethora of Hamdard products at Pansari Online, where traditional wisdom meets contemporary well-being. From time-tested herbal formulations to innovative health solutions, Hamdard’s offerings encompass a wide spectrum of categories, including wellness tonics, herbal supplements, dietary aids, and skincare essentials.

Discover time-honored formulations such as Rooh Afza, a refreshing and revitalizing summer drink with a unique blend of natural ingredients. Hamdard also provides dietary supplements like Safi, an herbal blood purifier, and Joshina, a natural remedy for respiratory discomfort.

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Pansari Online brings you the convenience of accessing these Hamdard products from the comfort of your home, ensuring that you can prioritize your health and well-being seamlessly. Each product reflects Hamdard’s commitment to quality and efficacy, drawing on the rich heritage of Unani medicine to promote holistic wellness.

Experience the synergy of tradition and modernity with Hamdard Laboratories’ products available at Pansari Online and embark on a journey towards natural, time-tested health solutions.