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Tukhm-e-Todri Safaid

Scientific Name: Matthiola Incana Description: Hoary stocks are the oldest plant. It has pleasant fragrance and beautiful flowers.


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Scientific Name: Curcuma longa Description: Although from many Asian countries turmeric powder is widely used in different dishes for special taste

Unnab (Jujube)

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Unaab (jujube fruit) Scientific Name: Ziziphus Jujuba Common Name: Jujube Berries Description: Jujube is commonly known as Unab. It is a powerful

Ushba Magrabi

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Scientific Name: Smilax Medica Sch Description: Mexican Sarsaparilla also known as Ushba Magrabi. That grow fruits in different colors such as

Velvet Beans

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Scientific Name: Mucuna Pruriens Description: Velvet beans contain flowers that are purplish in color. There are many health benefits to using

White Alum پھٹکری سفید

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SCIENTIFIC NAME:  White Alum is also known as Aluminum Potassium Sulfate COMMON NAME: Alum, Phitkari Safaid, Fitkari Safaid NAME IN URDU:  پھٹکری


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Scientific Name:  Crocus Sativus Common Name: Kesar Name in Urdu:  زعفران – کیسر Description: Saffron, also known as Kesar, resembles a thread and