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Black Musli

475 4,075 
Scientific Name:  Curculigo Orchioides Common Name:  Siyah Musli Name in Urdu:  سیاہ موصلی, کالی موصلی Description: Balck Musli is related to the species

Black Nightshade

143 1,092 
Scientific Name:  Solanum Nigrum Common Name:  Makoh Khush Name in Urdu:  مکوہ خشک Description: Makoh Khushk that is also known as Black nightshade, is found

Black Salt

20 100 
Common Name: The common name of the black salt is Kala Namak. Ingredients: The beneficial ingredients that are used in

Bolus Armenus

137 1,008 
Scientific Name:  Armenian Bole Common Name:  Borah Armani, Bole Armoniac Name in Urdu: بورہ ارمنی Description: Bolus Armenus is also known as Borah Armani,


208 1,567 
Gul-e-Gaozaban Scientific Name:  Borago Officinalis Common Name:  Starflower, Gao Zuban, Boragio Name in Urdu: گاؤ زبان Description: Gul-e-Gaozaban is also known as borage

Box Myrtle

125 839 
Scientific Name:  Myrica Esculenta Common Name:  Kath Phal Name in Urdu: کاٹھپل Description: Kath Phal is also known as Box Myrtle. It is

Breckland Thyme

125 442 
Scientific Name:   Thymus Serpyllum Common Name:  Creeping Thyme, Wild Thyme Name in Urdu:  اجوائن جنگلی Description: Ajwain Jungli is also known as Breckland thyme, Wild

Broadleaf Plantain

450 2,250 
Scientific Name:  Plantago Major Common Name:  Greater Plantain, Bartang Name in Urdu:  بارتنگ Description: The seeds of broadleaf plantains, also known as bartang,

Brown Mustard

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In English, brown mustard is also known as Sarson ka beej and Brassica juncea. It has a rounded shape and

Brown Sugar

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Scientific Name:  Sucrose Common Name: Country Sugar, Surkh Sugar, Raw Sugar Name in Urdu:  سرخ شکر, لال شکر Description: Brown Sugar is also known

Carom Seeds (Ajwain Desi)

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Scientific Name: Trachysperum Ammi Common Name: Bishop’s Weed, Ajowan Caraway Description: Carom Seeds is commonly known as Ajwain Desi. It is very