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300 3,020 
Constipation Medicine Description:  Kabzrafa is a natural constipation medicine that gives you absolute relief from chronic constipation, indigestion, gastric pain,

Kalonji Powder

150 1,560 
Description: Kalonji contains so many natural and healthy benefits that are used to cure different diseases. Kalonji seeds contain treatments

Misri Powder

90 840 
Misri Powder Misri, commonly known as rock sugar or sugar candy, is a crystallized and flavored sugar made for various

Moringa Leaves Powder

300 1,360 
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Moringa Oleifera  DESCRIPTION:  The Tree of Moringa leaves is also called miracle tree. it has plenty of health benefits

Mulethi Powder

130 1,360 
Mulethi Powder The scientific name of Mulethi is Glycyrrhiza glabra. Additionally, licorice is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows up to

Rice Powder Flour

50 390 
Scientific Name:  Oryza sativa is the scientific name of rice. It is commonly known as Asian rice. Description: Rice itself

Satawar Powder

400 4,060 
Shatavari Powder SCIENTIFIC NAME: Asparagus Racemosus DESCRIPTION: Shatavari is called Shatavari. It has a great range of health benefits. It helps

Saunf Powder

160 1,460 
Saunf Powder Fennel seeds, commonly known as saunf, have a strong aroma and flavor. It is used for increasing the

Senna Leaves Powder

120 1,260 
Scientific Name: Cassia Angustifolia Description: If you want a herb that is good for your health and effective for your skin

Singhara Powder

200 2,060 
“Singhara Powder”  Singhara Khushk, also known as water chestnut, is a vegetable primarily found in China and extensively utilized in

Triphala Powder تریفلا پاؤڈر

480 2,420 
Organic Triphala Powder The word triphala, in a real sense, signifies “three natural products” in Sanskrit. The three natural products

Turmeric Powder

130 580 
Organic Turmeric Powder Scientific Name: Curcuma longa Description: Although organic turmeric powder is widely used in different Asian dishes for its