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Akseer Zulf

“Akseer Zulf”  DESCRIPTION:  Akseer e Zulf Is an efficient herbal oil which is used to make hair stronger and dandruff

Asal Alsoos Saidah + Mulethi

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Glycyrrhiza Glabra DESCRIPTION: Liquorice is also known as Asal Alsoos Saidah, Malethi. It is found in Southwest Asia. Its


Scientific Name: Parmelia Perlata Description: Lichen is known as Charrilah. It is beneficial herb. It contains antimicrobial and anti fungal properties.

Common Mallow (Khubazi)

Scientific Name:  Malva Sylvestris Common Name: Dwarf Mallow, Cheese Weed, Button Weed, Cheese Plant, Round Leaf Mallow Description: Common Mallow is also known

Common Tallow Laurel (Maida Lakdi)

Scientific Name: Litsea Glutinosa Common Name: Brown Bollygum, Bolly Beech Description: Common Tallow Laurel that is commonly known as Maida Lakdi is an

Country Mallow (Beejband Siyah)

Scientific Name: Sida Cordifolia Common Name: Flannel Weed Description: Colchicum that is also called Suranjan-e-Shireen is a herbal plant that contains very

Dadhi Bargad

Dadhi Bargad is now available at pansari It is used to make many herbal remedies to cure different diseases.

Dried Cheer Pine (Behroza Khushk)

Scientific Name: Pinus Longifolia Roxb Common Name: Dried Behroza, Dried Long Leaf Pine Description: The Dried Cheer Pine is also known as Behroza

Ginseng Herb

Nutrients Includes: Tetracycline Triterpenoid Gensinosides Polyacetylenes Polyphenolic Compounds Acidic Polysaccharides Health Benefits: Improve mood swings and reduce stress Improves functioning

Green Vitriol (Kasis Sabz)

Scientific Name: Ferrous Sulphate Description: Green vitriol is also known as Kasis Sabz and widely used to make medicine because it

Gum Rosin

Gum Rosin that is commonly known as Ganda Behroza can be know shop By Pansari Online. It is used to

Kakra Singi

  Scientific Name: Pistacia Integerrima Description: Kakra Singi is also known as Pistacia. It is one of the best anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory