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Acanthus Seeds

Scientific Name: Blepharis Edulis Pers Common Name: Tukhm-e-Utangan, Acanthus Seeds Name in Urdu:  تخم اٹنگن Arabic Name: Bazrul Qareez Description: Acanthus belongs to plant named

Alsi ke Beej

Scientific Name: Linum Usitatissimum Other Name: Lin Seed and Barz Etc Description: Flex seeds are added in different food items. their seeds

Anjbarr Sharbat 800ml

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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Polygonum Aviculare COMMON NAME: Bird Weed, Low Grass, Prostrate Knotweed DESCRIPTION: Knotgrass is also as Anjbar. It contains many health benefits.

Argula Seeds

Scientific Name:  Eruca Sativa Common Name: Rogula, Garden Rocket, Salad Rocket, Thukum-e-Tara Mera Name in Urdu: تخم تارا میرا Description: Arugula seeds

Babool Gum

Scientific Name: Acacia Arabica Common Name: Gond Kikar, Gond Babool, Gond Keekar Name in Urdu:  گوندببول, گوند کیکر Description: The tree of

Betel Nut Flower (Gul Supari)

Scientific Name:  Areca Catechu Common Name: Gul Supari Name in Urdu:   گل سپاری Description: Betel nut flower that is also known as Gul

Bitter Apple

Scientific Name:  Citrullus Colocynthis Common Name: Wild Gourd, Vine of Sodom, Colocynth, Desert Gourd, Bitter Cucumber, Egusi Name in Urdu:   شیم حنظل, کڑوی

Bitter Apple Seeds

Scientific Name:  Citrullus Colocynthis Common Name: Desert Gourd and Bitter Cucumber Name in Urdu:   تخم حنزل Description: Bitter Apple is mostly found in

Bitter Gourd Seeds

Scientific Name:  Momordica Charantia Common Name: Balsam Pear, Bitter Squash, Bitter Melon Name in Urdu:   تخم کریلہ,  کریلہ کے بیج Description: Other names

Black Chebulic Myrobalan

Scientific Name:  Terminalia Chebula Common Name: Myrobalan Name in Urdu:   چھوٹی ہڑ, ہلیلہ سیاہ Description: Chotti Har that is also known as Black

Black Mustard Seeds

Scientific Name:  Brassica Nigra Common Name:  Rai Name in Urdu:  رائی, سرسوں سیاہ کے بیج Description: Black Mustard Seeds also known as Rai.

Black Nightshade

Scientific Name:  Solanum Nigrum Common Name:  Makoh Khush Name in Urdu:  مکوہ خشک Description: Makoh Khushk that is also known as Black nightshade, is found