Mulethi Powder


Scientific Name: 

The scientific name of Mulethi is Glycyrrhizin glabra which is obtained from the Fabaceae family of plants. Licorice is a perennial, herbaceous plant that grows up to 1 meter long and is mostly present in the hot, dry, and warm climates of Asia, southern Europe, and the regions of India. The flowers of this plant root are conch shell-shaped and purple in color to whitish blue.  
Other Name: Licorice, Mulethi Powder, Powder of Sada Mulethi 

Mulethi Name in Urdu: أصل السوس, ملیٹھی سایدہ,مھٹی کاٹٰھی 

Mulethi, also familiar as churna (mulethi) is one such beneficial Ayurvedic herbal remedy that has a long repute of being the remedy proposed by the grandmas for sore throat and cough. Mulethi powder is very good for health and helps to cure respiratory disorders. It is the best immune booster product. 
Nutrients Include: Vitamin  Glycyrrhizin  Manganese and Phosphorus  Alkaloids flavones and Siporin’s  Sugar and Starch 

Mulethi Powder Benefits: 

This advantageous herb contains a lot of benefits and is used extensively in various inhabitants’ remedies and classical formulations to cure: Respiratory issues  Skin problems  Obesity Disorders of liver  Regulation of hormone Generally, debility  Pain in joints and many more It regulates the digestive functions It is responsible to promote the functions normally It has the property of Anti-virus and Anti-bacterial It is used to cure menopausal appearance 

How To make mulethi at home: 

In the given below ingredients are mentioned that are essential to make the mulethi at home: 
Ingredients:  Take some or 20 parts of fresh roots of mulethi to make the mulethi powder at home. Cut the roots which are fresh from the mulethi plant. To remove soil and impurities wash them finely with water After cutting the pieces of roots and allowing them to dry with the help of sunlight For a week pieces are remains under the sun until the moisture is left Dosage: 
For the treatment of sore throat 1 tablespoon of mulethi powder and add some quantity of honey and used it with Luke’s warm water. Use it two times a day to get relief from the cough and inflammation.  

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