Kalonji Powder – Best Herbal Health Remedy


Scientific name: Nigella sativa 
Kalonji is also called blessed seeds that contain almost 100 medical components. it is beneficial for many diseases. it is also known to be a perfect healer because it cures many diseases. Kalonji is used to treat many diseases and best herbal remedy in the world of medicine. Best tonic for disorders except for Death. It contains antioxidants & cures malignant Tumor.  

  • Amino Acid 
  • Proteins 
  • Carbohydrates 
  • Alkaloids 
  • Calcium 
  • Sodium 
  • Potassium 
  • Volatile Oil 
  • Iron and Fiber 


  • It helps to lose weight 
  • It gives relief from joint pain 
  • It controls blood pressure 
  • It protects your kidney 
  • It gave strength to your teeth 
  • It improves immunity 
  • It prevents acne 
  • It cures diabetes 
  • It boosts up your memory and gives relief from headache  

Surprising Uses of Kalonji: 

There are so many interesting uses of the kalonji powder with regard to human health as well as to cure many diseases given below: Kalonji contains the Antioxidants  Cholesterol Lower by its use  Defending (Anti-Cancer) Agents are present in kalonji It’s Antibacterial Property Fights against the bacteria attack and kill them It has the power to protect the Liver Blood sugar level is maintained by its use  Protect the gastric system from ulcer 

Uses Benefits: Use to defend the body To Maintain the Level in blood To protect the body from Cancer Use it to protect against fungal attacks Use to manage the hepatic functions normally High Sugar cause many issues in the Body 

The amount of taking kalonji depends upon a few factors age, health, and other situations. There are also many side effects of using kalonji such as it can be a cause of sleepiness and skin allergy.

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