Moringa Leaves Powder- Have Healthy Facts


SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Moringa Oleifera 


The Tree of Moringa leaves is also called the miracle tree. it has plenty of health benefits and medical usage which is why it is being used for many centuries. it includes vitamins, minerals, antidepressants, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. its trees are mostly found in Asia, South America, and Africa. But it is recommended to prescribe by a doctor before using it.  


  • It gives smoothness to your skin and hairs 
  • It treats edemnia 
  • It protects your liver 
  • It removes stomach pain 
  • It makes your bones healthy 
  • It deals with mood swings 
  • It prevents cancer 
  • It treats diabetes 
  • It makes your bones healthy 
  • It gives strength to your eyes 
  • It is used to cure asthma 


Some nutrients are given below: 

  • Potassium (K) 
  • Calcium (Ca) 
  • Iron (Fe)             
  • Copper (Cu) 
  • Vitamins & Folic Acids 
  • Pyridoxine & Nicotinic Acid 

Uses of Moringa Leaves Powder: 

Some efficient uses of Moringa leave powder are given below: 

  • Its uses fulfill the nutritious requirements of the body 
  • It contains the Antioxidant property which defends the body from the bacterial and viral infections 
  • The use of Moringa Leaves may reduce the inflammation 
  • It lowers the level of cholesterol 


Some precautions you should avoid:

  • Heart rate & Blood pressure is reduced because of the alkaloids present in the plants
  • Contracts the uterine
  • Intervention with fertility
  • Due to Chemicals Cells are muted

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