Health Benefits Of Roghan E Zaitoon


Zaitoon is a natural blessing full of numerous benefits. It is used as a diet as well as for the treatment of different clinical issues. Besides this, this is utilized in many beauty products. Its application on daily basis keeps the skin fresh, young, and glowing. This is frequently used in the subcontinent in medicinal massage. Many physicians prescribed this oil for massage for the relief of gout, swelling, and sprains.

Marhaba olive oil (Roghan e Zaitoon) is full of nourishment. It is a slight purgative product. Through its message, the weak parts of the body get stronger.  It is proven superb as the best soothing inflammation and aches. In the treatment of peptic ulcers, this product has shown matchless results.

Uses of Rohan e Zaitoon

Roghan e Zaitoon has a soothing and moisturizing effect. It is very helpful in preventing overthrowing of fat in blood vessels. Besides the above-mentioned benefits, it is proven a very effective tonic for nerves. Its massage on the nerves really relaxes the brain and is truly helpful in insomnia. Its massage helps to relieve pain and muscle cramps. Besides this, this product also proves beneficial for hair. This oil helps to promote shinier, healthier, and more manageable hair. It can be combined with other essential oils to produce aromatic, economical, and healing oil for massage. Massage into your scalp with your fingertips in small circular motions and leave this wonderful oil for 10 minutes then wash with Luke’s warm water for having a good result.

This herbal oil has numberless benefits relevant to beauty. It removes dark spots from the skin. Its permanent use makes the skin tone lighter and gives radiant and glowing skin. It moisturizes your hair and minimizes scalp irritation which leads to dandruff eradication. This herbal oil is an excellent remedy for dry and flaky skin caused by severe weather. It also repairs the skin damaged by stereotypes of the sun. This oil proves to be protective against diabetes. Roghan e Zaitoon has oleic acid which retains all antioxidants.  It is filled with MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids). This essential oil keeps the heart healthy and regulates the level of sugar in the body. As a result, it proves helpful in weight loss.

Side effects:

This herbal product is purely organic. This beneficent oil has no side effects. But as an excess of everything is bad so keep this product’s use moderately and as prescribed by a physician or dermatologist.

Produced by:

Marhaba Pvt Ltd

Product weight:


                        50 ml


Storage instruction:

 This marvelous product is available in the box.  The only precaution to store this box is to keep it in a cool and dry place at room temperature.

How to purchase:

 This product is available at all medical stores and in all general stores. Another way to purchase this product is online. You have to simply place an order on the product’s website and after completing the form you may have this product on your doorstep within two weeks.


Roghan e Zaitoon is an outstanding and multipurpose article in which massage is very useful in strengthening the nerves. Its application on the skin keeps it soft and moisturized. It is used as a natural eliminatory for constipation. This herbal oil is also used for the problem of dryness of the intestine. It can be taken as raw also in your diet. It helps in reducing cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol in your body. Massage of this herbal remedy is extremely effective for paralysis. If consumed consistently, the stone from the bladder may also be extracted. So make this awesome result given oil the part of your life to achieve and enjoy its maximum benefits.

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