Health Benefits of Arjuna Powder


The formulation of remedies for strep throat, high blood pressure, and vein blocking utilizes Arjuna power. Terminalia arjuna not only benefits cardiac disorders but also effectively reduces pain. This medicinal plant, commonly used in traditional Indian medicines, possesses numerous therapeutic properties. Arjuna is recognized worldwide in Ayurvedic medicine as a cardiac tonic that aids in addressing cardiac problems.

 But actually, in Ayurveda, we don’t use Arjuna only for heart diseases. We use it for many other diseases as wound healing for ulcers even as tooth powder, for pimples we can use it as a mask, for skin diseases we can use a mask of Arjuna powder with other herbs. So Arjuna is actually a very interesting herb. So let’s know about Arjuna:

Arjuna’s botanical name is Terminalia arjuna in Ayurveda; actually, the bark of the tree is used. So in what form can you buy Arjuna? It can be in the form of tablets or in the form of powder. The powder is always much better than tablets, so if you have the option, go for the powder.

Cardiac Effects of Arjuna Powder

Actually, Arjuna is the richest plant in the whole world with the enzyme cokutin. And this enzyme today whole world knows all researches say all cardiologists recommend cokutin as a supplement for the heart. It’s so interesting in Ayurveda they wrote many years ago that Arjuna is very effective for the heart and at that time there was no any experiment there were no tests no research.

It’s very interesting how they chose only this plant from all over the jungle. And I don’t know what techniques they have, but it’s really very interesting to me. Arjuna can help with all cardiac problems, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and weak heart muscles. It can also help with collapse, which is not working properly.

Nutritional Facts of Arjuna Powder

Along with these numerous health benefits, Terminalia Arjuna has many nutritional facts like Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Phytosterols, etc.This herb acts as a relaxing agent and aids in lowering high cholesterol levels in the blood.

Precautions about Arjuna Powder

The dose is very important for Arjuna because high doses can damage the liver. Even a high dose can damage the functioning of the thyroid gland. Not only this it can increase the temperature of the body. So never take high doses of Arjuna. So now the question is about the exact dosage. The normal dose which everyone can take is two tablets two times a day thirty minutes after food with warm water either in the powdered form it’s one teaspoon two times a day thirty minutes after food with warm water that’s a standard dose don’t increase it. If you have any serious problems before using consult your physician first.

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