Triphala Powder


Scientific Name: Withania Somniferous

Other Name: Indian Ginseng, Winter Cherry


Triphala means three fruits that are a combination of Emblica officinal, Terminalia Billerica, and Terminalia schedule. These three fruits are mixed together in appropriate proportions to make Triphala powder. It is also known as Indian gooseberry. It contains nut-shaped fruits that are yellowish in color when it is ripening. Triphala powder is mostly used as dry fruit in different regions, especially in western areas.


·         Whitenolides 
·         Choline
·         Fatty Acids
·         Alkaloids
·         Amino Acids
·         Sugar


Triphala Powder has so many health benefits that it contains a lot of antioxidants that have the ability to defend against viral & Fungal Attacks and provide protection to the body. It has many useful compounds such as Vitamin C, saponins, tannins and Polyphenyls, etc. It has a defensive system against chronic health disorders.

·         It cures constipation, IBS, and indigestion
·         It helps to reduce weight
·         It removes toxins from the body
·         It helps to boost immunity
·         It gives your skin a shiny glow
·         It reduces cholesterol 
·         It prevents fever
·         It has anti-allergic effects 
·         It gives strength to your eyesight
·         It is suitable for joints pain
·         It exhibits anti-cancer effects 
·         It is suitable for insomnia

Wonderful Uses of Triphala: 

It is used to cure many symptoms which are mentioned in given below so never worry about these mentioned problems because the user can treat Triphala Powder: 

·        Oral Issues 

·        Diabetes 

·         Gastric disorders  

·         Gastric Ulcer 

·         Gout & Arthritis Problems 

·         Anxiety and stress diseases 


·         Some side effects occur so use it only directed upon the doctor 

·         It causes due by to use method Cramps, Diarrhea, and gas in the abdomen. 

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