Ginger Powder


SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Withania Somnifera 
OTHER NAME:  Indian Ginseng, Winter Cherry 
Dry ginger that is also called saunth, soothe powder is made from fresh ginger which is dried before turning into powder. its color is perfectly white that has a powerful fragrance. It is considered to be a good preservative.  

·         Carbohydrates  

·         Protein 

·         Vitamin 

·         Minerals 

·         Iron and Manganese  


·         It helps to cure stomach irritation 

·         It is good to treat migraine and headache 

·         It removes acne  

·         It is good for cold and chest pain 

·         It helps in digestion 

·         It helps to reduce weight 

·         It cures urinary infections  

·         It exhibits anti-inflammatory behavior  

Here we discuss a lot of reasons to use Ginger Powder: 

·         First of all, its antibacterial power protects the body from the attack of microorganisms 

·         It boosts the immunity system of the body 

·         It is used to relief from the nausea 

·         It is very beneficial in the treatment of the sore throat 

·         It is helpful to ease the pain during periods 

·         It lowers the blood sugar level in the body 

Side Effects: 
Some side effects of the Ginger powder are given below if it is taken in mor3e quantities than need: 

·         Abdominal Discomfort 

·         Heart Burn & Nausea

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