Safaid Musli – Improving Sexual Action


Safed Musli is an uncommon herb that is used in medicines with homeopathy, Ayurvida and unani to treat the diseases. It is used the remedy many diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, and Arthritis, boosting strength, strengthening sexual acts, and others. Nowadays, due to overharvesting, this plant variety is in danger species all over the world.

This herbal product contains different chemicals which may affect the human body. In animals, research by scientists about this clear that it has anti-inflammatory effects that might affect testosterone, and enhance sexual performance. But this investigation about this herb is the preface. In humans, this search is not reliable.

 Chemical composition:

Musli is imbued with a lot of vitamins, proteins, steroids (fats), alkaloids, polysaccharides, and carbohydrates. Magnesium, calcium, potassium, phenol, resins, and mucilage content are found in its maximum amount. This is considered the more valuable and precious plant variety to be preserved and protected.   


Safaid musli is used to cure dangerous diseases. There are many uses are given below that tell us why we used this?

  • It is used to lose body weight.
  • For bodybuilding.
  • To remove stress
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Improving sexual action

This herb is used to cure Arthritis (about inflammation in joints), cancer, diabetes dysentery, Diarrhea, hurting urination, sperm disorders, gonorrhea, and mount lactation in breastfeeding mothers.

Side effects:

Everything in the world has negative drawbacks as well as positive effects. The above information is not enough to use this musli also need to know about the side effects.

Warning: It should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding without knowing about the side effects of this product.


The right dose of this herbal product depends on a number of factors for instance the age of the user, strength, and other physical circumstances. At this present time, the research of the scientists about this safaid musli is not enough to find the exact assortment of doses of this herb. Dosage is always a matter keep in mind the natural herbs for treatment are not always protected.

Before usage of any medicines always consult with your healthcare professionals and physicians. 


·         This herbal remedy is proved beneficial to increase libido and enhance sexual activity.

·         It also increases the level of testosterone.

·         It is used to get better sperm count up.

·         It also increases stamina and power.

Types of safaid musli:

There are many types of muslies found in Pakistan:

1.      Chlorophytum borivilianum

2.      Laxum

3.      Comusum

4.      Chlorophytum tuberosum

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