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Axle Wood Flower

169 1,690 
Axle Wood Flower Scientific Name: Axle Wood Flower, also known as Anogeissus Latifolia Common Name: Gul-e-Dhawa, Ghatti Tree, Button Tree Name in

Beejband Surkh

125 1,250 
Description: Beejband Surkh, also known as Red Sandalwood, is a highly prized and rare tree species native to India. Its

Chandras (Black Dammar)

450 4,095 
Scientific Name:  Canarium Strictum Roxb Common Name: Sanders Name in Urdu:  چندرس, سندرس، کندرو، سندوس Description:          Black Dammar is also known as Sanders, is

Dried Aloe Vera (Ailwah Khushk)

300 3,000 
Scientific Name: Aloe Barbadensis Miller Description: Dried Aloe Vera is purely obtained from Aloe Vera. Aloe vera is a beneficial herb

Gulnar (Pomegranate Flower)

325 1,300 
Scientific Name: Punica Granatum Description: Pomegranate flower is commonly known as Gulnar. This herb is absolutely a perfect combo of taste and

Hamdard Roghan Surkh

Hamdard Roghan Surkh is also known as Beejband Surkh. It is b beneficial herbaceous plant. The color of stem is

Majoon Mughaliz Jawahar Wali

Majoon Mughaliz Jawahar Wali Benefits: Increases the thickness of the seminal fluid. Effective in spermatorrhoea. Prolongs the ejaculation time by

Pumpkin Seeds

247 2,470 
Scientific Name: Cucurbita Pepo Description: Pumpkin Seeds contains good amount of healthy fats, magnesium and zinc. Benefits: Pumpkin Seeds are high

Roghan Sikakai

168 672 
Roghan Sikakai is also known as Soap Pod Wattle Oil. it has a very low ph level and is useful

Roghan Til Siyah

100 400 
Roghan Til Siyah Sesame is a good source of getting fiber and vitamins. Roghan Til Siyah is purely extracted from

Roghan Unaab (Jojoba Oil )

310 1,240 
Roghan-e-Unaab Scientific Name: Simmondsia Nutt Jojoba oil (Roghan Unaab) originates from the jojoba plant, a scentless, golden-colored plant discovered in

Rosemary Infused Oil

335 1,340 
Rosemary Infused Oil is one of the best oil that are used to make many recipes. Other than that it