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Triphala Powder | Benefits | Weight loss
22 Jun / 2021

Triphala Powder | Benefits | Weight loss

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Triphala Powder

Scientific Name: Withania Somniferous

Other Name: Indian Ginseng, Winter Cherry


Triphala means three fruits that is a combination of embilica officinal is, terminalia Billerica, and terminalia chebula. These three fruits are mixed together in appropriate proportion to make Triphala powder. It is also known as Indian gooseberry. It contains nut shape fruits that are yellowish in color when it is ripening. Triphala powder is mostly used as dry fruit in different regions especially western areas.


·         Whitenolides 
·         Choline
·         Fatty Acids
·         Alkaloids
·         Amino Acids
·         Sugar

Ginger Powder | Immune Booster | Reduce Weight
22 Jun / 2021

Ginger Powder | Immune Booster | Reduce Weight

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Ginger Powder: 

SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Withania Somnifera 
OTHER NAME:  Indian Ginseng, Winter Cherry 
Dry ginger that is also called saunth, soothe powder is make from fresh ginger which is being dried before turning into powder. its color is perfectly off white that has powerful fragrance. It is considered to be good preservative.  

·         Carbohydrates  

·         Protein 

·         Vitamin 

·         Minerals 

·         Iron and Manganese  


·         It helps to cure stomach irritation 

·         It is good to treat migraine and headache 

·         It removes acne  

·         It is good for cold and chest pain 

·         It helps in digestion 

·         It helps to reduce weight 

·         It cures urinary infections  

·         It exhibits anti-inflammatory behavior  

Multani Mud & Sandalwood Powder | Beauty Corner | Skin Care Supplement
15 Jun / 2021

Multani Mud & Sandalwood Powder | Beauty Corner | Skin Care Supplement

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Multani Mud & Sandalwood Powder


Multani Mud & Sandalwood Powder is an excellent face pack. These both herbal products are absolutely beneficial for your skin. The mixture of Multani Mud & Sandalwood Powder makes your skin fresh and shiny, improves skin complexion, and helps to prevent acne. Both contains individually amazing benefits and uses as given below: 

Multani Mud: 

Multani mud that is commonly called as Multani Mitti have magical effects on your skin that includes healing, nourishing, improving skin, and oil absorbing characteristics. It is suitable for all skin types either dry, dull or oily. It is a perfect face pack that absolutely remove grime, oil, and dirt from skin. It is the Wonderful suitable natural product which suits to your skin of any kind. 

Sandalwood Powder: 

Zafrani Sandalwood is the amazing natural skin whitening treatment which is specially prepared to removes the skin acne, dark circles, Pimples and gives glows to the skin. Zafrani Sandalwood Ubtan is an oldest remedy for a fairer complexion. Ubtan is basically known as a mixture of versatile powders that are used to clean the skin. Ubtan have been used from many years and it is almost good for all skin types. The use of Zafrani Sandalwood Ubtan on daily basis will helps to prevent acne, wrinkles, scars, and tightens the open pores of the skin.

Chasku Powder | Health Benefits | Supplement
10 Jun / 2021

Chasku Powder | Health Benefits | Supplement

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“Chasku Powder”

Scientific Name:  Cassia Abuses
Chasku Powder are made up of very famous seeds that are much effective and beneficial for health. Many problems related to eye, digestions, joints, and liver are being cured by this seed from ancient time. It has antibacterial effect. It also exhibits ganglion blocking characteristics.  
Chasku is the natural efficient remedy which is used to treat many disorders of high blood pressure, and asthma diseases. 

  • Zinc
  • Phosphorus 
  • Alkaloids
  • Alkaloids
  • Calcium
  • Chaskine
  • Isochaskine 
  •  Iron
Moringa Leaves Powder- Have Healthy facts
01 Jun / 2021

Moringa Leaves Powder- Have Healthy facts

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Moringa Leaves

SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Moringa Oleifera 


The Tree of Moringa leaves is also called miracle tree. it has plenty of health benefits and medical usage that is why it is being used from many centuries. it includes vitamins, minerals, antidepressant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. its trees are mostly fount in Asia, South America, and Africa. But it is recommended to prescribe it from doctor before using it.  


  • It gives smoothness to your skin and hairs 
  • It treats edemnia 
  • It protects your liver 
  • It removes stomach pain 
  • It makes your bones healthy 
  • It deals with mood swings 
  • It prevents cancer 
  • It treats diabetes 
  • It makes your bones healthy 
  • It gives strength to your eyes 
  • It is use to cure asthma 
Mulethi Powder
13 Mar / 2021

Mulethi Powder

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Mulethi Powder 
Scientific Name: 
The scientific name of Mulethi is Glycyrrhizin glabra which is obtain from the Fabaceae family of plants. Licorice is a perennial, herbaceous plant that grows up to a 1 meter long and mostly present in the hot, dry and warm climate of Asia, southern Europe, and in the regions of India. The flowers of this plant root are conch shell shaped and purple in color to whitish blue.  
Other Name: Licorice, Mulethi Powder, Powder of Sada Mulethi 
Name in Urdu: أصل السوسملیٹھی سایدہ,مھٹی کاٹٰھی 
Mulethi, also familiar as churna (mulethi) is one such beneficial Ayuivedic herbal remedy that has a long repute of being the remedy proposed by the grandmas for sore throat and cough. Mulethi powder is very good for health and helps to cure the respiratory disorders. It is the best immune booster product. 
Nutrients Includes: 
  • Vitamin  
  • Glycyrrhizin  
  • Manganese and Phosphorus  
  • Alkaloids  
  • Is flavones and Siporin's  
  • Sugar and Starch 
This advantageous herb contains a lot of benefits and is used extensively in various inhabitants' remedies and classical formulations to cure: 
  • Respiratory issues  
  • Skin problems  
  • Obesity 
  • Disorders of liver  
  • Regulation of hormone 
  • Generally, debility  
  • Pain in joints and many more 
  • It regulates the digestive functions 
  • It is responsible to promote the functions normally 
  • It has the property of Anti-virus and Anti-bacterial 
  • It is used to cure menopausal appearance 

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