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Indigo Powder - Remedy for Hair
25 Jul / 2020

Indigo Powder - Remedy for Hair

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 Indigo powder is in fact beached and grounded foliage of the plant known as Indigofera Tinctoria. It is introduced as the indigo powder due it has the yawning blue pigment is found in it. Indigo powder leaf is very beneficial for hair. Even though indigo powder has blue color but it gives gloomy black/brown color of hair when it is diverse with henna and not show the blue color. Many people identify indigo powder as the brown/black henna but in fact it shows the blue color although it looks just like henna. Indigo powder is a natural dye for your hair and safe to use because this is natural and free from all harmful chemicals. Mostly black hair dyes restrain PPD, which is a harmful chemical that can become the foundation of allergic reactions but Indigo powder derived from the natural leaves which has no allergic reactions and side effects. Our indigo powder is new, fresh and lightly sifted. At nature vibe, we concentrate in manufacturing the indigo powder in most favorable surroundings from the land of superb spices, Pakistan.    



What is Indigo powder?


Indigo powder is the fine particles derived from indigo plant. Indigo plant is the small hedge plant that grows about 2 to 3 meters tall. You can discover indigo plant by their flowers and leaves. This will stimulate your hair growth. For coloring your hair, it is useful after henna. Henna gives the hair a flushed orange and indigo powder colors hair dark blue color and collectively they make a natural black color.   


Benefits of indigo powder:     


There are many benefits of this powder for hair growth or skin care because this is naturally derived from the plants and free from the dangerous chemicals. Some benefits are given below for your convenience:

·       It can guide to new hair growth and take care of hairlessness and bluntness.

·       It takes care and prevents early and premature grayish. Hair oil which is made of indigo leaves will undo and stop graying of the hair.  

·       It prevents dandruff and situations of dry hair. The oil which is made with Indigo leaves is also very good cure for dandruff.

·       It will make the tangles hair smoother, makes your hair thicker, more controllable and gleaming.

·       The major benefit of indigo powder is that it acts as an innate hair dye. In my personal belief, it is one of the present from the nature in view of the side effects of compounds hair dyes which vary from sensitivity to skin allergies.

·       It treats the scalp issues and stimulates latest hair growth when used frequently. To encourage hair growth, rub the oil softly in the scalp regularly.

Aloevera oil
15 Jul / 2020

Aloevera oil

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Aloevera oil is specialists for hair care. It is one of the admired home treatments for hair repair and loss. Its leaves, fleshy leaves and oil are normally used on desiccated scalp, colored hair and spoiled hair end. Aloevera helps in manage the pH steadiness of the scalp else. It is beneficial for hair and skin softness. It can helpful to cure gloomy spots of skin, wrinkles around the eyes, elongate script, and other issues of dry skin.   

Role of Aloevera oil for hair:

Aloevera oil contains incredible and something called proteolysis enzymes which maintenance departed cells of skin on the scalp. It protects the hair fall, scalps and acts as a grand and immense conditioner for your hair. It leaves your hair all shiny, soft and silky. It also increases the hair growth, prevents dying on the scalp, reduces dandruff and situation your hair.     

Role of Aloevera oil for skin:

Aloevera oil is very beneficial for smoothness and freshness of skin. It is used it with coconut oil which is loaded in minerals and vitamins, their mixture rejuvenates your hair cells and skin cells. Applying this mixture may apply anti aging and skin lightening effects.     

Can it is safe for skin?

Yes it is safe to use on the face because it is the greatest blessing from the nature. The gel of the Aloevera plant is full of minerals, vitamins and nutrients which stop the death of skin cells that occurs by the dust particles and nourishes and enhanced skin cells growth. Many people advertize the benefits of using this on face. For your convenience some benefits of the gel of the Aloevera plant is given below that it helps:

v  Acne

v  Dark sports

v  Cold sores

v  Irritation

v  Sunburns

v  Dry skins and

v  Inflammation

It helps to maintain the freshness of the skin. If it is used with coconut oil, honey and lemon these ingredients smoothen and white your skin. 

What is Akarkara
27 Jun / 2020

What is Akarkara

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Akarkara whose scientific name is Anacyclus Pyrethrum used in Ayurvedic, herbal and unani medicines especially useful to treat men’s diseases. This herbal remedy is mostly found in india and used as a medicinal plant worldwide. During physical contact it can improve physical strength and performance. Roots of this plant are beneficial in treatment of men’s disorders also its fragrance is very unique. This herbal remedy has been considered as tonic to aid the intimate urge, premature ejaculation and impotency (Mardana Kamzori). Due to anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties this is beneficial for insect bites and skin problems.

Useful to Treat:

Indian Akarkara is useful to treat the following diseases

  • ·         Impotency (Mardana Kamzori)
  • ·         Premature ejaculation
  • ·         Intimate urge
  • ·         Diabetes
  • ·         Epilepsy
  • ·         Hemiplegia
  • ·         Sore throat
  • ·         Tonsils
  • ·         Arthritis

Health Benefits of Akarkara:

  • ·         Provides Dental Care
  • ·         Antidepressant
  • ·         Immunomodulatory
  • ·         Anti-Convulsant Acivity
  • ·         Applied as an analgesic
  • ·         Used as a mesticatory
  • ·         Improves concentration Power
  • ·         Help in weightloss
  •  Help to reduce joint pain
Alsi Ke Beej
20 Jun / 2020

Alsi Ke Beej

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Alsi ke beej is also known as flax seeds and Linum Usitatissimum. These seeds are tan, brown and golden in color also in spite of 30-40% oil these are enriched with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, fiber and protein. Around 6000 years these seeds have been used as food.

Nutritional Facts of Flax Seeds:

These seeds are best source of Omega-3 Fatty acids, Vitamin B1, Manganese, phosphorus, Magnesium, potassium, Iron, Zinc, copper, Fiber and proteins.

How to Use Flax Seeds:

Outer Covering of these seeds are hard if it is eaten without proper chewing then it can disturb our digestive system and it is excluded intact. Them the best way for them to do this is to grind them and eat them. You should purchase linseeds, filter them and put them in your refrigerator. Everyday grind on an empty stomach grind as much as you need in a grinder and eat them in water. Or just grind the food for a week and put it in an airtight bottle and keep it in the fridge.

Recommended Dosage:

8% of your daily intake of fiber can overcome from 1 tablespoon of these seeds. At start one tablespoon of seeds is enough. After a week add up to 2 tablespoons. You will begin to notice its beneficial effects within 5 days of starting use. But it can take up to 3 months for some people. But continuing this process will save you from many diseases.

Safaid Musli - Improving Sexual Action
13 Jun / 2020

Safaid Musli - Improving Sexual Action

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Safed musli is an uncommon herb that is used in medicines with homeopathy, Ayurvida and unani to treat the diseases. It is used for the remedy of many diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis, boosting strength, strengthen sexual act and for others. Nowadays, due to overharvesting this plant variety is in danger specie all over the world.

This herbal product contains different chemicals which may be effects in the human body. In animals, researches of scientists about this clear that it has anti-inflammatory effects, might effect to testosterone, and enhanced the sexual performance. But this investigation about this herb is preface. In humans this search is not reliable.

 Chemical composition:

Musli is imbued with a lot of vitamins, proteins, steroids (fats) , alkaloids, polysaccharides and carbohydrates. Magnesium, calcium, potassium, phenol, resins, and mucilage content are found in it maximum amount. This is considered the more valuable and precious plant’s variety to be preserved and protected.   


Safaid musli is used to cure dangerous diseases. There are many uses are given below that tells us why we used this?

  • Ø  It is used to lose body weight.
  • Ø  For body building.
  • Ø  To remove stress
  • Ø  Erectile dysfunction
  • Ø  Improving sexual action

Ø This herb is used to cure from Arthritis (about inflammation in joints), cancer, diabetes dysentery, Diarrhea, hurting urination, sperm disorders, gonorrhea, and to mount the lactation in breast- feeding mothers.

06 Jun / 2020

Zafran - A Famous Plant

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Saffron is a famous plant. And in different countries known with different names: in Pakistan as( زعفران ) in India as (ज़ाफ़रान) in both languages Saffron is pronounced as: Zafran

 And its scientific name is Crocus sativus.

This is a pungent stigma of the autumn crocus. This one is a complicated specie to harvest. Because for growing the saffron a lot of handwork are required to pick up the flowers. That's why the yields of this plant are very low.

Saffron is mainly cultivated in Iran, 90% of the world this is grown in Iran also grown in Spain, France, Italy and parts of India. IIt contains some chemical components like:

  • ·         Picrocrocin
  • ·         Crocin
  • ·         Safranal

Which enhance its price.

Saffron uses:

Zafran is usually the world's most expensive spice.

 As a culinary spice, this is popular in their harvested region. Spain and Portugal make great use of this herbal product. Spain's national dish paella, a huge collection of meats and seafood gets its brilliant golden colour from zafran.

In India's grand Mutual cuisine, saffron is used.

Use this herbal plant with cardamom to flavor coffees in the Middle Eastern.

Saffron also used to enhance the beauty:

·         Fighting Acne: It has amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities that help in treating acne and breakouts. With its medical properties can help in clearing the acne pores.

·         Reducing pigmentation: It is an effective natural ingredient to lessen pigmentation, brown spot and other mark on the skin.

·         Healing scars: It is used to alleviating the scars, which helps the process of skin recovery. Applying saffron on wounds or injured skin will help to heal them faster. Saffron also helps in lightening the marks.

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