Indigo Powder - Remedy for Hair

Indigo Powder - Remedy for Hair

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 Indigo powder is in fact beached and grounded foliage of the plant known as Indigofera Tinctoria. It is introduced as the indigo powder due it has the yawning blue pigment is found in it. Indigo powder leaf is very beneficial for hair. Even though indigo powder has blue color but it gives gloomy black/brown color of hair when it is diverse with henna and not show the blue color. Many people identify indigo powder as the brown/black henna but in fact it shows the blue color although it looks just like henna. Indigo powder is a natural dye for your hair and safe to use because this is natural and free from all harmful chemicals. Mostly black hair dyes restrain PPD, which is a harmful chemical that can become the foundation of allergic reactions but Indigo powder derived from the natural leaves which has no allergic reactions and side effects. Our indigo powder is new, fresh and lightly sifted. At nature vibe, we concentrate in manufacturing the indigo powder in most favorable surroundings from the land of superb spices, Pakistan.    



What is Indigo powder?


Indigo powder is the fine particles derived from indigo plant. Indigo plant is the small hedge plant that grows about 2 to 3 meters tall. You can discover indigo plant by their flowers and leaves. This will stimulate your hair growth. For coloring your hair, it is useful after henna. Henna gives the hair a flushed orange and indigo powder colors hair dark blue color and collectively they make a natural black color.   


Benefits of indigo powder:     


There are many benefits of this powder for hair growth or skin care because this is naturally derived from the plants and free from the dangerous chemicals. Some benefits are given below for your convenience:

·       It can guide to new hair growth and take care of hairlessness and bluntness.

·       It takes care and prevents early and premature grayish. Hair oil which is made of indigo leaves will undo and stop graying of the hair.  

·       It prevents dandruff and situations of dry hair. The oil which is made with Indigo leaves is also very good cure for dandruff.

·       It will make the tangles hair smoother, makes your hair thicker, more controllable and gleaming.

·       The major benefit of indigo powder is that it acts as an innate hair dye. In my personal belief, it is one of the present from the nature in view of the side effects of compounds hair dyes which vary from sensitivity to skin allergies.

·       It treats the scalp issues and stimulates latest hair growth when used frequently. To encourage hair growth, rub the oil softly in the scalp regularly.

Best brand of indigo powder:

Indigo powder is actually rare and is difficult to find the best brand of indigo powder. But I solve your problem by sharing you about the some real facts of this indigo powder. Some brands are given below for your convenience:

·       Herbins brand is the best brand of indigo powder.

·       Herbins indigo powder is a 100 percent pure product.

·       It is a natural coloring for hair

·       Herbin indigo powder is obtainable in a powder form.

Side effects of Indigo powder:

Every product has side effects as well as benefits so Indigo powder also has the side effects like:

·       Skin complaints

·       Irritation

·       Headache

·       Faintness

If you face any of these symptoms prevent using Indigo powder because the Indigo powder you use the fake brand of this indigo powder. Further side effects is it may be untidy and time consuming to apply indigo powder as a dyer but it will obtain easier once you begin using it repeatedly.


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